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Confidential channel

Complaints about Relationships

Check below situations that fall into the "Relationships" category, and then select which one of your reports fits. And then select which one of them your Complaint fits in.

  • Moral Harassment

    Repetitive attacks through crude and inappropriate words or gestures, malicious comments, prejudiced or discriminatory insults, bullying, intimidation, rumors and inopportune jokes that end up humiliating the employee and even removing him from professional relationships.

  • Sexual Harassment

    It happens when a person feels embarrassed by someone who seeks to gain sexual advantage or favor, or who places them in an unwanted sexual context. It occurs through improper sexual advances, indecent comments or obscene remarks. This includes promising or providing employment, promotion, remuneration or special treatment in exchange of sexual favors. It also includes inappropriate or unwanted touches, as well as the publication or sharing of obscene images, objects or materials.

  • Inadequate management of people

    Statements or actions performed by managers that are not in the nature of harassment, but that violate the Company’s Code of Ethics and Conduct and are understood to be incompatible with the workplace.

  • Discrimination

    Declarations or actions based in ethnicity, origin, gender, sexual orientation, religious belief, union status, political and ideological conviction, social class, disability status, marital status or age that are the basis or influence the making decisions regarding the workers employment, promotion or remuneration.

  • Inadequate Behavior

    Any inadequate employees conduct that does not fit the other categories such as, for example, inadequate treatment with pair.