Irce - Confidential channel

Confidential channel

Complaints about Fraud, Corruption, Illicit Activities

Check below situations that fall into the "Relationships" category, and then select which one of your reports fits. And then select which one of them your Complaint fits in.

  • Fraud

    Any deliberate action to obtain unfair or illegal personal gain, including accounting records, variable remuneration indicators, travel expenses, medical certificates, contractual measurements, undue favors, among others.

  • Corruption

    It happens when someone gives, promises, offers or authorizes favors or Something of Value, directly or indirectly, to influence a decision, to gain an improper advantage or to obtain or keep business, which may occur in the public or private spheres.

  • Interest Conflict

    It occurs when someone acts, influences or makes decisions partially, being motivated by interests that are not Vales. It can be caused by relationships of any kind, by carrying out activities inside and outside the company and by acts that result in their own benefit or that of others.

  • Illecit Activities

    Any criminal activity within the Company's facilities or that affects the Company's Assets.